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Wished I recorded that Destiny PvP gameplay, used the hunters arc ability to take out 3 people like a ninja, then quickscoped 2 people



how am I supposed to eat this ass without my drink?!


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I told my friend he could use my Xbox account when I came off as he made a new character on Destiny on my account, it’s now 5;42am and I’ve just came off oops

New pal

He’s thinking of calling her destiny

My mate just brought home a kitten and it’s so cute man.

secret-encounters asked: I deleted my tumblr a little over a year ago and after some nostalgic feelings I have had lately I decided to start another account and you were the first blog I could remember loving! I'm so happy you're still here! :)

awh well that’s awesome, nice to know people still enjoy what I post :)


We will forever be faded under gold skies ✨🌟💫🌞🌙⚡️