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Been talking to one of the female friends I have on xbox all night and morning like a little heart to heart and I’ve known her for a while now but she’s seriously one of the coolest and funniest girls I’ve ever known, glad I got to catch up with her again lately while we chipped out on destiny, I feel we gave a few good pieces of advice to each other, helped clear my head too.


when someone casually mentions the thing ur obsessed with


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This fucked me up

This is terrifying

offtocerulean asked: Thank you for posting from time to time. It's nice to see someone who doesn't post a bunch of men hating bullshit.

I am the tumblr guru, May your posts be wise and your wits sharp

Anyone play destiny for 360? We need a couple people to do vault of glass raid next Tuesday, must be level 26 or higher and have a mic